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Iowa Bobolinks

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Iowa Bobolinks

Coralee Bodeker


My name is Coralee Bodeker and I live near the town of Vinton, Iowa. I began birding at roughly 4 years old by helping my great-grandmother watch her feeders in Northeast Iowa for winter birds. I joined the Iowa Young Birders (IAYB) group when I was 10 years old. The first IAYB trip I went on was a morning hike in the Loess Hills. I have been actively birding ever since! I enjoy searching for birds around my rural homestead, monitoring the many House Wren nests in my yard, and also drawing any of the birds I see for my ‘A Prairie Girl’s Notebook’ column published in my local County Conservation’s quarterly newsletter. My hope for my WBC chapter is to make birding in my Eastern Iowa community more accepting to new birders of all ages. I just want people to get out there and bird!



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