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February 23 - Birding the Fox River

7:30 AM

Fox River Shores FP - South parking

Today we will explore the Fox River in Kane County, starting at Fox River Shores FP, we will look for Hermit Thrush, Winter Wren, Kinglets and others in the scrubby woodland. We also have a fair chance for Northern Shrike here. We will then move down to Carpentersville Dam, where we hope to find wintering gulls, Bald Eagles, and various species of waterfowl. Next is Brunner FP, a good place for grassland species such as Horned Lark and Northern Harrier. After we are done here we will decide as a group where to go next.

April 27 - To Be Announced

Check back soon to see what we have planned for April!

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Chicago Chapter

We are the first chapter of WBC, since 2016 we have seen over 200 species on our walks! Most of our walks are in the Chicago region, although we may sometimes to trips to western or central Illinois. Join us on one of our upcoming trips!

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