Whimbrel Birders Club FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!!! 10.21.2017

Hi fellow birders! Simon here! Today was the first anniversary of Whimbrel Birders Club. Ranging from ages 8- Mid Forties today, Whimbrel Birders Club really is a bird club where age is no barrier! With a grand total of 22 species at Nelson Lake and 29 species at Fermilab, we did not meet the firstContinue reading “Whimbrel Birders Club FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!!! 10.21.2017”

Long-Tailed Duck: A Short Story

I can take care of myself. I’m an adult. Not just any ordinary adult. I am an adult male Long-Tailed Duck. My grandfather was what you called an “Oldsquaw.” My mother and father told me stories when I was just a hatchling of other beings called Humans. One species of Human called “Native Americans,” foundContinue reading “Long-Tailed Duck: A Short Story”