Necedah Overnight

  (tentative) July 21st and 22nd Leader: Oliver Burrus Important Details —————————————————————— Meeting Time |(tentative) 12:00 PM, July 21st Meeting Location | Necedah NWR – Visitors Center See more details below Necedah NWR may be best known for their re-introduced population of Whooping Cranes, however, most people overlook the many other marvelous birds that call the refugeContinue reading “Necedah Overnight”

November Illinois Falcons Trip Report

Today, we started bright and early at Swallow Cliff Woods with hopes of spotting some continuing crossbills! We scanned the coniferous trees for quite a while, finding nothing more than a few goldfinches. And although we never did locate any crossbills we did encounter a nice flyover Rough-legged Hawk. We moved on to our next stop,Continue reading “November Illinois Falcons Trip Report”

September 9th WBC walk

Today we started at Gilson Park, a fairly small park on Lake Michigan but good for migrants. Winds did not seem to be in our favour for passerine migrants but looked good for jaegers and Sabine’s Gulls so Lucas and I scanned for those rare seabirds but to no avail. Next, we met up withContinue reading “September 9th WBC walk”

July 8 WBC rarity search

After some confusion, because the marker for the meeting location went to the Quality Inn instead of the main parking lot, we started off the day at Goose Lake Prairie SP. We began walking finding lots of Yellow-breasted Chats and Sedge Wrens. When we got to the King Rail spot, we found both of the KIRAsContinue reading “July 8 WBC rarity search”

Midewin National Tall Grass Prairie WBC trip report

We started off at the Explosives Road Trail Where after an hour and a half of walking, we found some Northern Mockingbirds, lots of Grasshopper Sparrows, one Henslow’s Sparrow, and a ton of Dickcissels. Next, we headed to the Iron Bridge Trail. There we found a very nice male Orchard Oriole, a couple Loggerhead Shrikes,Continue reading “Midewin National Tall Grass Prairie WBC trip report”

Montrose Point WBC trip report – 5/21/2017

Right as we got out of our car at Montrose Point, we saw tons of birds! Lucas R. and I, who got there 15 minutes early, scanned the entrance to the hedge finding our first migrants and Yellow-billed Cuckoo. At 7, we met up with the rest of the group – to me, it seemedContinue reading “Montrose Point WBC trip report – 5/21/2017”

1st annual WBC big day

At 3:45 AM Lucas R. and Derek D. started off the day at Rollins Savanna finding only some Canada Geese. Next, they went to IBSP once again finding very little. However, they did find some calling Eastern Whip-poor-wills. After that, they drove down to Montrose Point where I met up with them at 5:45. AtContinue reading “1st annual WBC big day”

April 15th Whimbrel Birders Club trip report

Today, Isoo O’Brien lead us through McClaughry Springs FP and Orland Grassland. We started at McClaughry Springs FP with hopes of finding a Louisiana Waterthrush, Pileated Woodpeckers, and Carolina Wrens. At the beginning of our walk, Isoo already had a couple Carolina Wrens. Isoo led us through the woods as we found a Pileated Woodpecker, Louisiana Waterthrush, aContinue reading “April 15th Whimbrel Birders Club trip report”