Lucas’ Birding Blog: February 26

On February 26th, Isoo O’Brien, Ben Sanders and myself spent the morning birding Deer Grove Forest Preserve and Crabtree Nature Center. Initially, we started off by birding for about an hour at Deer Grove Forest Preserve – West, an area of healthy, primary, oak forest with a high canopy. We started here in search ofContinue reading “Lucas’ Birding Blog: February 26”

Lucas Rot’s Birding Blog: Spring Break 2017

March 22: On March 22, me and my family arrived in the Palm Desert, where we would spend the next four days. I was very excited to get out birding because I had 99 birds on my ABA life list, so I was going to try to reach triple digits. Turns out, I didn’t evenContinue reading “Lucas Rot’s Birding Blog: Spring Break 2017”