Lucas’s Birding Blog: Waukegan Beach

Me and my dad drove out to Waukegan Beach around 7:00 AM in order to participate in a bird walk through the Lake-Cook Audubon Society. Right away we had many Sanderlings along the beach and on the pier. Once we got onto the more open part of the beach, Adam Sell noticed a Merlin (Lifer #233), it was great this small, but fierce falcon perched in a tree preening. We watched the Merlin for about ten minutes before continuing. We then stopped to observe a small pond created by the tides of the lake. While there, we saw and heard two Marsh Wrens singing, two duetting Soras and two juvenile Pied Billed Grebes foraging. We also heard a possible Virginia Rail, however it only called once making it difficult to be certain. This is saddening because a Virginia Rail would be a lifer for me. After this, we headed back toward a small group trees bordering the harbor. Here, warblers were abundant. Blackpoll and Bay Breasted Warblers were the main warblers to be seen. There were also Cedar Waxwings, Yellow Warblers, a Cape May Warbler, a Nashville Warbler and a Gray Cheeked Thrush to name a few. After this large pocket of warblers, we headed back towards the parking lot to check an area where they had seen a Connecticut Warbler last year. This area was much less successful than the previous area. After this, Adam concluded the walk and me and my dad went home happy with the walk.

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