September ILYB trip

HI! This is Simon, posting for ILYB in the Calumet area of Chicago. Today, Sept. 10, ILYB started our day at Eggers Grove. Right off the bat we had a Red-eyed Vireo and several warbler species, including Northern Parula and Tennessee Warbler. Next, we went to the marshy pond where we had a Cooper’s Hawk, Green and Black-crowned Night Herons, among other birds. As we walked along the trail the electrical wires were buzzing so loud it sounded like rain! Heading back towards the cars a few highlights were Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Grey-cheeked Thrush and scary ground squirrels! After Eggers we made a quick stop to see Monk Parakeets in their nests. Not only did we see them, we could also hear them and smell them. Then we hopped back in our cars and headed to Hegewisch Marsh to find many surprise birds: a Mute Swan family, Stilt, Solitary and Spotted Sandpipers, Short-billed and Long-billed Dowitchers, lots of Lesser Yellowlegs, Blue-winged Teals, Common Gallinules, and Pied-billed Grebes. A small group continued, including Thomas, Peter and me, on to Burnham Prairie to find not much, except an undetermined Dowitcher, Killdeer, Spotted Sandpiper, Great Egrets, Great Blue and Green Herons, a Savannah Sparrow and a Red-Tailed Hawk chasing a Turkey Vulture to cap the day off!

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