September 9th WBC walk

Today we started at Gilson Park, a fairly small park on Lake Michigan but good for migrants. Winds did not seem to be in our favour for passerine migrants but looked good for jaegers and Sabine’s Gulls so Lucas and I scanned for those rare seabirds but to no avail. Next, we met up with our leader today, Isoo O’Brien (although it was only Isoo, Lucas, and me for the first hour and a half). Isoo showed us the best spots for migrants at Gilson and he was right as it was filled with vireos (yes, vireos not warblers, LOL)! We ended up with about 15 vireos of 3 species, but Isoo thought that we should check out Perkin’s Woods, a small wooded area in the town of Evanston. I’m glad we did as we found a Grey-cheeked Thrush and numerous warblers including three Golden-winged! Unfortunately, we could not stay here long, only about 15 minutes, as we had to be at the Northwestern University grounds by 8:30 to meet up with ENSBC for that part of the walk. Isoo led us through the campus ground finding us 14 species of warblers including an Ovenbird, Golden-winged Warblers, a Northern Waterthrush, a couple Cape May Warblers, and a nice Wilson’s Warbler! After the rest of the group left, Lucas and me continued birding picking up Chestnut-sided Warbler, some Sanderlings on the beach, and a bird that looked eerily reminiscent of a jaeger that flew past us while we were scanning the lake. Overall a great day!

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