August 27 WBC walk

Today we started at the Kaneville Cemetary at 7:30 AM (with half the group being named Ben, LOL) in search for the White-winged Dove, no success:( So we walked across the street to Dunteman Sod Farms, where to be found were at least 6 American Golden-Plovers! At around 9:00 AM it started raining, so we decided to head over to Nelson Lake to see if anything was there. When we got to the observation deck, we saw some Common Gallinules, a Green Heron and more. Next, we found a birder (mentioned here as “the birder”, who’s name eludes me) who told us he had some good birds farther down the trail. But before we went there, we met a guy who was about to fly an R/C plane to map the nests in Nelson Lake, pretty cool, plus Ben Sanders got to launch it! The birder led us to the spot, and we found More Common Gallinules, a few shorebirds, a couple Soras, and a Black-Crowned Night-Heron! It started to rain again, this time harder, so we ended our walk, and I think we did fairly well!

Unfortunately, no photos to share with you today as I didn’t want to ruin my camera:(


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