2nd annual ILYB Symposium

Yesterday, we went to Ryerson Conservation Area to attend the 2nd annual ILYB Symposium. Me and Lucas Rot got there a little early so we did a little birding before the official walk, right off the bat, we had a flyover Pileated Woodpecker and numerous unidentified small passerines! At 7:30 AM the official ILYB field trip began, and instantly we had a Red-headed Woodpecker, a Blue-winged Warbler, and much more! We walked down the trail towards “warbler ally” (where no warblers we to be found) and we got an Olive-sided Flycatcher thanks to Jen Brumfield and more. After the field trip ended, we signed into the symposium, and after a little confusion with the t-shirts, we watched the presentations by Andrew Sharp, Jackie Kuroda, and myself. Time for the art reception! The art reception featured some great art from Eddie Kasper, Peter & Simon Tolzmann, myself and others. At the lunch break, some of the people from Ryerson showed us a Red-tailed Hawk and an Eastern Screech-Owl! We had watched the second round of young birder presentations by Simon Tolzmann and Eddie & Brett Kasper, they were great! Lastly, we watched the great Jen Brumfield speak on various birding topics, it was awesome! Overall a great day!

I will upload my presentation on WBC here soon. Unfortunately, I did not any good  photos.

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