August 12th WBC walk

Today we started at Waukegan Beach. As Al S. has already said (on IBET), the gate was closed, so we had to wait for someone to open it for us. We started off by admiring a large number of swallows flying all around us, we tried to pick out a Cave but with no luck. We walked down to the pier to see if any shorebirds were there. We found a couple Sanderlings but nothing else. Our primary target was the continuing Piping Plover, I started walking down the beach and spotted what appeared to be a piece of trash, I couldn't be more wrong, it was the Piping Plover! The bird gave us great looks of itself, and I got some good photos! We walked through the dunes finding practically nothing. Next, we headed to IBSP – south, just as we got to the beach we spotted two parakeets flying overhead, at first we assumed they were Monk, but as I looked at my photos closer they proved to be Blue-crowned! We walked down the beach until we ran into Al S. and another birder whose name I can't quite remember, they told us to walk to the end of the Dead River as there were some good shorebirds there. Thanks Al for giving us that suggestion as we probably would not have walked all the way there unless we knew there was something good. We found Least & Spotted Sandpipers, a Willet, two Short-billed Dowitchers, and lots of gulls & terns. On the walk back I heard a strange gull calling, it was a young Bonaparte's! Our last stop was at IBSP – north, we didn't find much there, but we were treated to a flyover Green Heron and a male Baltimore Oriole.

A possible WEKI was photographed by the Tolzmann's at IBSP – north

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