Backyard Birding 4.17.2017

Today after school my Mom got home a bit later and said that she saw a male and female BROWN THRASHER in new plumage! I didn’t go to see it immediately because I went on a run with my Dad. Then I got home and threw on some warmer clothes, and left with my Mom to find it. We actually had to walk through a half an alley to get there, because the Brown Thrashers weren’t really in our backyard, they were in a very close-by park. We see the usual birds:

  1. House Sparrow
  2. Robin
  3. Rock Pigeon
  4. Grackle

Then spot a few WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, AMERICAN TREE-SPARROWS, and a few Dark-Eyed Juncos, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, and Downy Woodpecker. We can’t find the Brown Thrashers immediately, so we have to explore a bit. As we are walking disappointed that we didn’t see them, A beautiful male BROWN THRASHER swoops in and paints the picture for us! Sadly we weren’t able to get any photos, because they were following the rapidly setting sun. As we are walking back home I am surprised to see a wonderful new plumage male CHIPPING SPARROW, and a singing Brown-Headed Cowbird.

Overall, this was great fun and awesome to in the park so close to home!

Downy Woodpecker
We have Liftoff!
Brown-Headed Cowbird
White-Throated Sparrow
Whatchu lookin’ at Willis?!
Chipping Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow

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