Oliver’s Birding Blog | Chain O’Lakes State Park – 4/4/2017

We started today off at Lake Front Park with our Tuesday birding group. At Lake Front Park we got wet, but we found lots of American White Pelicans. Next, we drove to Chain O’Lakes SP. We pulled into a small overlook and found Wilson’s Snipe (a bird that I have not seen in two years), a Northern Shoveler, a Sandhill Crane, and a couple Wood Ducks. After that, we drove to a larger lake and found more pelicans, a few Mute Swans, and a Pied-billed Grebe. We walked a trail to look for woodland birds and found lots of Golden-crowned Kinglets, a few Hermit Thrushes, and on the way back we heard winnowing Wilson’s Snipe. We went in the direction of the winnowing snipe and eventually found them flying high in the sky. Next, we went to a grassland area and found 6 Bald Eagles, a Wild Turkey, and some unidentified kinglets.


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