Oliver’s Birding Blog | Carpentersville Dam – 3/8/2017

In hopes of finding a large flock of Tree Swallows trapped in the wind like last year, we set off for the Fox River in West Dundee. Well, let’s just say that there were no swallows on the river there! So we traveled north to Carpentersville Dam. Upon first inspection of the river north of the dam, there were no birds there either. Although, as we looked closer, we found a single Tree Swallow and a group of Red-winged Blackbirds & Grackles. We walked down the whole path finding very few new birds for the day; some Tree Sparrows, American Robins, Northern Cardinals, and a small flock of Starlings. With expectations low, we started walking back. I looked up in a tree and I found two male Hairy Woodpeckers fighting over territory, I followed them trying to take photos but I only got one decent photo. All of a sudden, I spot a very small bird that turned out to be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet (a rare bird based on eBird) and then I spot another small bird about the same size right next to it and that turned out to be a Golden-crowned Kinglet. As we walked farther we saw a couple flyover Tree Swallows and an Oregan Junco (which is also a rare bird although it is only a subspecies). We got back to the overlook where I spotted a singing Song Sparrow. I ran back to our car to get my recorder. Just as I got on the bird, it flew away. So I chased it to a bush where it sang less then two feet from me.

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