Oliver’s Birding Blog – Necedah NWR 2/26/2017

Our first stop at Necedah NWR was the visitors center where highlights were a FOY Titmouse, American Tree Sparrow, and two resting FOY Trumpeter Swans. I noticed a lot of Hawks there too but I could not tell what some of them were. One of them, in particular, looked good for a Golden Eagle but I only had a glimpse of it so I can not count it. After over an hour and a half spent at the visitors center we drove to our last stop for today was to check the overlook by the entrance, we scanned It finding that the old Osprey nest was taken by Bald Eagles; a Dark raptor that could have been a Golden Eagle; a horde of 30 Crows; and a few low flyover Sandhill Cranes.

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