February 2017 WBC trip report


I thought we could do some birding before we met Josh, so we started the day off at Northerly Island. At the Northerly Island parking lot, we found that Red-winged Blackbirds have come back in numbers and we found a single Brown-headed Cowbird. We looked over Lake Michigan finding only Common and Red-breasted Mergansers. After scanning the lake for a while, we went over to the harbor where to be found were more Mergansers, a Goldeneye, some very cooperative Canada Geese, and a very large Crayfish. After the Harbor, we walked down a path finding very few birds. Then it was time to meet Josh Engel at the Field Museum. On the way there, we found a gull that at first appeared to be a Lesser Black-backed Gull but it turned out to be just a Ring-billed. As we walked closer to the Field Museum, we found a Red-winged Blackbird just feet from us.


We met with Josh just a little after 10 AM. The first stop of our tour was the library where Josh showed us a giant Audubon book (I can not remember the name of it). Then Josh showed us the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Passenger Pigeon, and Carolina Parakeet Specimens. After that, Josh Showed us some more specimens of Flycatchers, Hummingbirds, Bird Of Paradise. We got to see how Budgerigars reflected the IR light, and we saw many other specimens that I did not name here.  Our next stop was the specimen prep room. He showed us the different types of specimens before leading us into the beetle room. Then we went to look at a few giant birds like Wandering Albatross, Andean Condor, and Lammergeier. Our last stop was Peggy Macnamara’s art studio where we got to see some of her amazing work.


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