Oliver’s Birding Blog – IOS Gull Frolic 2017

Everyone met at North Point Marina for the 16th annual IOS Gull Frolic. Within the first hour, we found some flying Long-tailed Ducks (the third ILYB field trip in a row to have one), Gadwall, and a few flyover Horned Larks. At 10:30 AM, I went inside to see the James Bay shorebird presentation by Jean Iron. The presentation was great as she talked about almost every aspect of the shorebird survey up there. Once that was over, we went back outside to look for some gulls and came up a Great Black-backed Gull (practically in the middle of Lake Michigan). After that, I went back inside for lunch. As soon as I got my food, Amar Ayyash pointed up in the sky to tell us that he had a Thayer’s Gull. I grabbed my binoculars and viewed it through the glass windows. After I finished my food, I went back outside where we found two more Thayer’s. Overall, it was a great day to be outside (because of the 40°+ weather) but it was not good for the gulls.

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