Fox River ILYB trip

Everyone met at Carpenters Dam with guest leader Scott Cohrs. In the parking lot, Scott heard a Brown Creeper and a Bald Eagle flew over. Once everyone got there, we looked at the river finding a banded Canada Goose (N6Y3) (white numbers on an orange band) and three Greater White-fronted Geese (good spotting by Ethan Ellis) among the hundreds of Canadas. after the excitement of all of the Geese, we walked down the path where Matthew Cvetas found the leucistic Goldeneye. On the walk back, we found a lone Green-winged Teal, and a perched Bald Eagle. After a stop at Panera, we went to the Gail Borden Library. There we saw that up the river at Judson there were a lot more Geese. So we made the stop there short. We drove to a place across from Judson where we found some Cackling Geese and a very cooperative Brown Creeper. We walked up a path, finding the Long-tailed Duck (which has not been seen since Wednesday), another Cackling Goose, and a couple Bald Eagles. Then we drove down to John J. Duerr FP, where the best bird was a low flyover, juvenile Bald Eagle. But wait that is not it, as we were driving home I saw a flock of Canada Geese and in that flock, there was a tiny white goose and at first I said there was a Snow Goose but I soon realized that the bird was way too small to be a Snow and I decided it was a lifer Ross’s.

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