January 2017 WBC trip report

We started our day off at Heather Ridge Golf Course to look for a Ross’s Goose. Very few birds were present. We waited for everyone to show up and then headed over to Waukegan Beach. At Waukegan, we found at least three thousand Scaup, a Lesser Black-backed Gull, and Joel Greenberg & Ted Wolff. After that, we headed up to the south unit of IBSP where we found very few birds but the weather was beautiful and we ran into Joel & Ted again and Beau Schaefer & Andrew Stewart. Then we went to the north unit of IBSP where we spent about twenty minutes looking for Rough-legged Hawks and Northern Shrikes, with no luck. In fact, the only identified bird there was a Herring Gull. Our last stop was North Point Marina in hopes of finding a rare Gull. Once we got to North Point Marina, we found Joel and Ted. So we asked them what they had seen they told us that they had a pale winged Gull (unidentifiable species) and some Bufflehead.  As I was taking pictures of the Bufflehead, I saw in my viewfinder an adult male Harlequin Duck. I showed the photos to Joel and he agreed. We spent the next forty minutes viewing all of the details of the Duck.

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