Crabtree NC and Carpentersville Dam – 1/3/2017

We started the day off at 8 AM. As we got to Crabtree NC, we found that our group was not there. In my head, I was thinking “where are they, did I not read the email correctly?” So I checked my email and it said that they were meeting at 9. We walked some of the paths at Crabtree finding very little. We met up with our group to try to find the Harris’s Sparrow. As we waited for about an hour, the Sparrow did not show and the best bird seen there was a Hairy Woodpecker. So after that, we decided to go over to Carpentersville Dam to see if any of the Gulls seen last week and before were still there. On Lincoln Avenue, there were some Goldeneye, Geese, Mallards, and a Herring Gull. But at the Dam, birding was slow with only some Mergansers, a Great Blue Heron, and a few Gulls. We walked down the path finding a Brown Creeper and more ducks including the same leucistic Goldeneye.


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