Waukegan CBC – Lake Forest area

We joined Eric L., Jim P., and Irene & Dan W. for the Waukegan CBC at the Lake Forest area. We met at the Jewel-Osco parking lot in Lake Forest at 6:45 AM. In the parking lot, we found some flyover Mallards (first bird of the year for me), Crows, and some Chickadees. After everyone got there, we went to Shaw Woods open lands. The first 30 minutes produced very little. But as we were walking back, we came upon a tree full of Waxwings. Eric scanned the tree and almost immediately found a BOHEMIAN WAXWING. When he first told us that he had one, I thought he was joking. But I looked and there it was mixed in with other Cedars. After looking at the Waxwing for a while, we headed over to W Westminster Avenue to try to get some feeder birds and walk another open lands trail. We found Fox & American Tree Sparrows, a Bluebird, and others. Then we went over to Forest Park and found some ducks to add to our list (Redhead, Greater Scaup, Goldeneye, and Red-breasted & Common Mergansers). The Lake Forest Cemetery was our next stop to try to find Carolina Wrens (not showing today). After looking for some time, we decided to give up on the Wren. But as we were leaving, Eric spotted a Golden-crowned Kinglet. After that, we drove to Lakeland Dr where we found two Red-breasted Nuthatches and a Fox (not a bird but still a neat animal). Then we drove to Sunrise Park where we picked up two more people for the CBC. The only notable species found here were 150 Red-breasted Mergansers. Then we went to Crab Tree Farm and found an American Black Duck. After that, we drove to Arbor Dr where highlights included two Great Horned Owls. Then we drove to Shore Acres Golf Course to try to find some waterfowl and we found some with 11 Mute Swans and others. After that, we drove to Oriole Grove FP where we found no notable birds. Then we drove to Signe Ct. in hopes of finding more feeder birds. It was succesful with American Tree Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, a Red-breasted Nuthatch, lots of Starlings, and a Red-tailed Hawk. Our Last stop was the marsh off of Wimbledon Ct. to try to find Swamp Sparrows and Long-eared Owls. After standing on the platform for about 5 minutes, we heard two Swamp, one American Tree, and one Song Sparrow.

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