Crabtree Nature Center – 12/6/16


We met with our Tuesday birding group at 8am. We waited by the feeders for about thirty minutes with no luck finding the Harris’s Sparrow. We decided to walk to Carbtree Lake, finding about a hundred and fifty Canada Geese, four Hooded Mergansers, and one mystery Duck. We headed back to the feeders to try for the Harris’s Sparrow again. We waited for about fifteen minutes before heading inside the building to look at the feeders from there. At the feeders, we found Fox Sparrows, American Tree Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, and the HARRIS’S SPARROW at a very close distance (so for those of you that are looking for the Harris’s Sparrow, I highly recommend viewing the feeders from inside the building as the bird will flush as soon as you walk by). After we watched the feeders for about one hour, we decided to head over to Paul Douglas FP to look for Rough-legged Hawks. There we only found four Sandhill Cranes and a Chickadee.

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