Whimbrel Birders Club was founded at the first annual Illinois Young Birders Symposium in August 2016. Our first walk was in October 2016 when we went to Nelson Lake FP and Fermilab in Batavia, IL. That trip was great as we saw over 60 species and four species of geese (pretty good for Northern Illinois in October). We are a birding club truly meant for all ages, meaning that we offer walks for anyone 0 to 100. In fact, our motto is "a birding club for all ages". We have kept growing our club by starting competitions, offering two or more bird walks a month, by blogging, and now by having other young birders start their chapter of WBC in their part of the country (or world). 

We have created competitions such as the Whimbrel Patch Birding Competition (WPBC) - when trip leaders lead people around their local patches, and at the end, the winning team will be revealed. Another, the Backyard Migratory Bird Count Competition (BMBCC) is a contest where people bird in their yard for a weekend and submit their counts through the website. Our final competition is the Whimbrel Big Day Competition (WBDC) in which a few birders from each chapter will go around their state trying to find as many birds as possible! Although the WBDC does have a $10 entry fee (which will pay for a prize and the leftover money will go to a charity of the winning team's choice), in my opinion, it is the most exciting contest that we offer.



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