Whimbrel Birders Club

Whimbrel Birders Club was founded at the first annual Illinois Young Birders Symposium in August 2016. Our first walk was in October 2016 when we went to Nelson Lake FP and Fermilab in Batavia, IL. That trip was great as we saw over 60 species and four species of geese (pretty good for Northern Illinois in October). We are a birding club truly meant for all ages, meaning that we offer walks for anyone 0 to 100. In fact, our motto is "a birding club for everyone". We have kept growing our club by blogging, and now by having other young birders start their chapter of WBC in their part of the country (or world).

A Club For Everyone

All of our walks are free and now open to the public!

Contribute to our blog

Everyone is welcome to write a piece for our blog!

Chapters From Around the World

Interested in starting your own chapter? Email whimbrelbirders@gmail.com for more info!

Oliver Burrus

Founder & Chicago Chapter Trip Leader

Isoo O'Brien

Chicago Chapter Trip Leader

Simon Tolzmann

Chicago Chapter Trip Leader

Coralee Bodeker

Iowa Chapter Founder & Trip Leader